Copenhagen, the city to cycle.


Today I was taken to Copenhagen, Denmark and I was so excited as it was a new destination for me!

I didnt know much about Copenhagen before arriving but I figured that would just make it more of an adventure.

Honestly Copenhagen isnt a city where you come to visit just for 24 hours like us, but it is possible.

Although we had to stick with the basic touristy spots. However I did know that the people of Copenhagen are known as the happiest people on earth, and that excited me. Luckily for me I got to go during their summer so the weather was beyond perfect, made me miss Sydneys summer days so much.


It was a lot of the crews first time in Copenhagen so a lot of us met downstairs and went for a stroll through the city. We quickly found out that the most well known way of getting around the city is by bicycle and wow do they bike fast. The footpath is split so those on feet have one side and those on wheels have a noticebly larger side. We were yelled at numerous times because we just kept forgetting that we had to share the footpath with bicycles.

On a more serious note though, do be careful because although we were lucky enough not to get run over by one, Im sure it happens to many tourists.

I was extremely hungry as I didnt get to eat anything on the flight over as it was insanely busy. All you need to know is that the Danish sure know how to down their alcohol.

We went straight towards Trivoli, known as one of the oldest theme parks and found ourselves a local hotdog stall.


Needless to say it was so amaaazing.

Bearing in mind that pork is pretty much impossible to find in Dubai, so us based there were pretty excited to have a hotdog or two.


We headed into the city on foot and if I had had enough allowance it would have been time for some serious shopping. Say hello Stroget, the main shopping street in Copenhagen. The streets were lined shop after shop with famous fashion and designers stores. I quickly figured out why the Danish people had such good style as they powered through the streets.

After a while we ventured out a bit away from the busy fashion center of Copenhagen, and towards the more well known part of Copenhagen. That is the spectacular Nyhavn, otherwise known as the old harbour that is lined with colourful lego looking houses.


A very popular instagram hashtag.

The old boats lined along the harbour make for a stunning photo and you can also hop in line for a ticket to take a ride down the river in one if you want. That is if you have time to wait in the unsuprising long line of people.

We obviously didnt.

Although it was packed with tourists it was truly beautiful and the chocolate and strawberry crepe I had was the cherry on top of what was a very successful 24 hours in Copenhagen.

We followed the harbour down and found the way to our last stop for the day, the Royal palace Amalienborg.


Home to the Danish royal family, she really is one of the greatest works of architecture I have seen. Designed so symmetrical and elegant, I recommend her to whoever visits Copenhagen. We stayed there for a good half an hour just taking photo after photo.

By that time my lack of sleep hit me like a brick wall and I quickly found out that everyone else pretty much felt the same, so we walked back through the city and quickly realised how far we had walked.

I was extremely moody by this time because I just wanted to crash.

I did however fit in one more hotdog, this time wrapped in bacon.


Coming back home and looking at the photos I took in Copenhagen, I realised how much fun I really had there and how much I want to go back there again.

Time to get dressed in red and fly back to the sandpit.

Safe flying.



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