Colours of London.

Colours of London.

Hello everyoneeeee!

It should come as no surprise to you guys that I have been to London many times before as it is a very common destination to us cabin crew, but this past time has to be one of my favourite layovers in a very long time.

I came across a place called Neal’s Yard on Google and was immediately attracted to the bright colours and cafes in this small alley here in London. So I recruited one colleague of mine Dyanne and we headed off to check it out for ourselves.

We purchased a five pound ticket as soon as we arrived on the Paddington Express with proof of our Emirates ID and I was thrilled to discover that the train would get us there in fifteen minutes! They dont call it Express for nothing huh?

We then got off and changed to Bakerloo line ( the brown line ), and got off at Oxford Circus.

It was a pleasant day that day … well, the sun was still covered by the inevitable clouds circling the city but there was no rain in the horizon which means for a pleasant day in London. 😉

We walked through the small streets that were filled with your typical shops and stores, but every single building was intricately decorated and designed so it was perfect for that snapshot.

We were starving as it was a busy flight coming in to London, like we literally struggled to find time to sit down so we started searching for places to grab some food. Conveniently enough we both felt like fish and chips, yes yes I know! Not very adventurous right? But you can’t blame us because not going to lie I’ve never found a nice place in Dubai that has the authentic fish and chips with mushy peas on the side.

Anyways, we sat down and ordered two fish and chips a glass of red wine for Dyanne and a Summer Passion mocktail for yours truly. Oh my god it was so refreshing I could’ve had two more.

Oh and the fish and chips were just as I hoped they would be.

We then walked to Neal’s Yard which is around a fifteen minute walk.

As soon as we arrived I was like ” My god I feel like I’m somewhere in Italy or France ‘”.

It was that magical and dreamy as soon as you entered that space.

A burst of colours welcome you at the beginning of the small alley, with vibrant orange, lime greens and bright purples. Awesome food and many vegan cafes surround the courtyard with random shops like Hair by Fairy which sells delicate little trinkets and ornaments. So cute!!!

There was a very obvious line streaming from one of the brick walls and when we got closer we realised it was a pizzeria that serves MASSIVE pizzas! Definitely something that I’ll be a part of on my next London layover for sure!

It started to trickle rain just as we left the Neal’s Yard area and so we took a few more snaps of our surrounding area and headed off to the underground train station.

For those of you who are visiting London soon, don’t forget to put Neal’s Yard on your itinerary as it makes for a colourful stop over for coffee or pizza or simply just to catch up with friends. Oh and don’t forget to share your photos with me on Instagram! I’d love to check them out!

Until next time guys, safe flying!

Love Jessica Cairney.


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