Beautiful Benjarong.

Beautiful Benjarong.

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to the well known Thai Restaurant, Benjarong in the gorgeous hotel Dusit Thani on Sheik Sayed Road, Dubai.

For me finding an authentic Thai restaurant in a foreign country has always been hard as most places tend to alter the taste to suit foreigners and therefore doesn’t taste like the Thai food that you would get back in Thailand itself.


My husband and I arrived around 1pm and were escorted to the 24th floor and welcomed by the manager of Benjarong. We sat at a lovely window seat with wonderful views and were given a rather large menu that I absolutley loved.


We ordered Som Tum Thai which was just like back on the streets in Bangkok and spicy enough to ask MA to ask for tissues again and again. We also had the classic Tom Yum prawns with mushrooms, Tod Mun Bla, ( Fish Cakes ), Garlic Pepper Beef and Stir Fried Basil Chilli Duck.

As we were munching away the manager Nelson came and asked me if I liked Khanom Jeen which is a Northern style white noodle that is hard to come by overseas, I said yes and so he brought me a beautiful plate personally made for me of Khanom Jeen with all the fixings.

The presentation of all the food here is just gorgeous and there was always pieces of melon and various other vegetables that had been carved to shape a flower or rose.


After struggling to finish our 3 course meal we were offered desert and I had heard great things about their homemade coconut ice cream and so had to try it.

We were not disappointed.

We also ordered Tub Tim Krorb, ( Water Chestnuts in coconut milk ), this was also so so good, I usually never order it but both MA and I said that we would come back one hundred percent, even just for desert we would come back.


The whole experience was so lovely, oh and another thing they had Traditional Thai music playing and that really just kept making me smile the whole time, it was so soothing and really just amped up the whole ambience.

The afternoon we went was unfortunately a dry night for us, but any other night they have Traditional Thai dancers which I can’t wait to see next time!

Honestly guys, I wouldn’t write about them if I didn’t truly enjoy their food and it is at the top of my Dubai list for lunch and dinner. I’m even planning to take my Mum there and she is very hard to impress being a Thai chef herself. 😉


Anyways, I’m off to bed as MA and I are flying to Tbilisi tomorrow morning, I hope you are all having a wonderful morning or night wherever you are.

If you live here in Dubai and want to have some authentic Thai food then go check out their website  and please give them a visit and let me know what you think!



Thanks for reading guys!

Love Jess Cairney.


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