Festivities in Frankfurt.

Festivities in Frankfurt.

Gutan Morgen from Germany my friends!

I am so happy that I got to experience a true Winters day here in Frankfurt, but I really had no idea how cold it would actually be.


Literally guys, I had five layers of clothing on underneath my warm coat and still I was trembling from the cold.

Thankfully I had just bought this yellow scarf from my layover in Hong Kong so that helped and Liz my friend on board let me use her gloves. Such a life saver! <3


When we landed into Frankfurt Airport we were thrilled to see that it was snowing outside! As you all know, I am from Sydney and so Christmas for us back in Australia is filled with days at the beach, barbecues and sweltering temperatures.


So to see the snow at this time of the year for me is just magical.

We quickly got changed and hopped on the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport to then get a train to the city where the Christmas Markets were.


The market is set in St Paul’s Square and in terms of size and the amount of visitors it brings every year, the Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of the biggest in all Germany and in my own opinion the prettiest. 😉


Now like I said it was FREEZING and so I did’t get as many good shots as what I would have liked to because every time I took my hands out of my pockets and gloves I could feel my fingers seizing up from the cold and it really freaked me out.

The market is split into sections with candy, food stalls, handmade arts and crafts and various rides as well.


I was craving a good hot chocolate and so I finally managed to find one while the other crew sipped on some mulled wine and boozy eggnog.

And yes, it was delicious! I actually can’t recall the last time I had a proper hot chocolate.


There were huge stalls with massive coal pits and sausages hanging from above, miniature pancakes doused in Baileys and Amaretto, gigantic coloured pretzels, decorative cinnamon cookies, various potato dishes smothered with onions and garlic cream, schnitzels, homemade soups served with good old crusty bread, seriously guys the list goes on! There was just so much food!

The elaborate Christmas tree is an absolute showstopper and surrounded by all the fairy and Christmas lights it just seems like you’re part of a Christmas movie in the North Pole.


Now I was meant to have Frankfurt again tomorrow but I swapped it for sunny Seychelles because I just couldn’t handle the cold and I thought if I’m not going to go out in Frankfurt then why waste my time sitting in the hotel … so I will see you guys soon from the beach in Seychelles!


Thank you all again for reading and see you next time!

Love Jessica Cairney.


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  1. Nim December 6, 2017 / 10:36 pm

    Good to hear that you made the most of your time in Frankfurt
    Enjoy Seychelles 😮

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