Back in Dubai.

Back in Dubai.

Morning everyone!

As most of you know my Dad made a spontaneous decision to come back with me to Dubai on my last Sydney flight and I’m so glad he did!

I am all for being spontaneous because I think what can come from being spontaneous can be the best kind of adventure and over planning can kill the magic and so when I can inspire people around me to be just that bit more adventurous it really makes my day.


Dad and I landed into Dubai, jet lagged, exhausted and extremely hungry, so once my husband picked us both up from the airport we quickly changed and went to my all time favourite Egyptian restaurant, Hadoota Masreya.


I’ll be honest it is a little pricey here in Dubai, especially compared to Egypt itself but the food never disappoints. Trust me.

My absolute favourite is Mes’a’a, a famous minced beef and slow roasted eggplant dish in rich tomato sauce.


I actually make it ay home myself now because I love it that much and I kept making my husband take me there so often. 😉

After dinner we went to Dubai Mall to check out the fountains and the beautiful lasers on the Burj Khalifa and headed home for some much needed sleep after being awake for almost 40 hours.


Just yesterday I took my Dad to afternoon tea at Al Fayrooz, Madinat Al Qasr as it was lovely weather to just sit outdoors and enjoy the view of the infamous Burj Al Arab.

I ordered the regular Al Qasr Afternoon Tea and Dad got the Hendrick’s Afternoon Tea which includes a Hendrick’s Martini.


First came the mini sandwiches consisting of egg sandwiches, turkey and mustard sandwiches, roasted beef with pickles bagels, muhammara dip and much more pastries and little assortments like macarons, custard tarts etc.


I ordered a cooling iced coffee to go with that and our next course was scones served with various jams, honey, clotted cream and butter.

By this time we were stuffed full but still had chocolate fondue to go.


To be completely honest I did not enjoy the chocolate fondue as it came mostly with marshmallows, sweets and candy to dip, where as I would have much preferred fruits like your regular strawberries or melon.

We did receive a lovely chocolate dessert welcoming Dad to Dubai, which was very sweet of the staff to do so!



We proceeded to the beach front to walk off our afternoon tea and found ourselves at Pierchic a well known seafood restaurant known for its freshly caught seafood and over the top prices.


The view however is stunning and well worth the walk out on to the Pier.

You have the Burj Al Arab on one side and JBR on the other. We stood watching the birds fly over the water and the people swim and paddle their kayaks before walking back towards the indoor Souk located in Souk Madinat itself and caught a Taxi down to City Walk before heading home.




Tomorrow I am off to Saigon, Vietnam and as excited as I am to tick a new destination off my list I am sad because I wanted to bring my Dad along with me but unfortunately the flight is full.

Anyways, can’t wait to share with you my adventures in Saigon and what my Dad and I will get up to in Dubai when I come back.


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with my future blog posts!

Oh, and if you would like to visit Al Qasr for Afternoon Tea yourself just click on–bars/al-fayrooz-lounge/


And be sure to make a reservation with special occasions, dietary requirements etc.

Love Jessica Cairney.

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