Newborn favourites.

Newborn favourites.

Hello everyone!!

Here I am again back with another blog post on baby stuff 😉

I found myself in love with so many products that I got for my son when he was born that I just had to share them with you in hope that you might give them a try too if you have a new addition to your family.

So my first baby essential is something that we don’t go one day without using … numerous times a day. Yes you guessed it. Nappies!

But not just any brand of Nappies, no I’m talking about PureBorn.


They are my ultimate favourite Nappies for many reasons such as;

  • they are perfect for that soft sensitive skin
  • they’re made from sustainable materials that are not only gentle on your babies skin but have been carefully formulated to protect the environment, ( they even deliver your nappies in biodegradable bags! )
  • they also use organic bamboo for their diapers, which is naturally hypoallergenic
  • their nappies have the CUTEST variety of prints to make your little ones tush look even cuter
  • their nappies absorb absolutely everything very discreetly and fit my little one nice and snug
  • AND all their products are free from animal cruelty!

They also provide wet wipes, which lets face it is a Mothers best friend!

PureBorn Baby Wet Wipes are chemical free and also made from bamboo which results in a safer and more natural alternative to your littles ones skin. And they have a total of only three ingredients which are: Aqua, Coconut Preservative and Tea Tree Oil!

And what makes them a perfect choice for me is that they offer monthly subscription packs so you can get your nappies and wipes delivered to your front door every month without even having to think about it!

And by the way if you subscribe now to their monthly subscription packs you will save 30% off on your subscription!

Now for my second favourite item that I not only love because of what it does but because of the way it looks … is my beloved PaperClip Bags!

Guys, words cannot describe how amazing these diaper bags are, let me try and write everything down for you

  • First of all they don’t only have your typical backpack style diaper bag but they also have a gorgeous shoulder tote which is my go to every day diaper bag when I have my stroller out and about. They also have various other styles like this Limited Edition Willow which my husband and I are in absolute love with!
  • the fabric that the bags are designed with are anti – microbial and liquid repellent, which is super important when you have those accidental spills
  • they have an integrated changing station that rolls out in seconds so you can literally change your baby WHEREVER you are in the world. Literally.
  • the changing station is also detachable and machine washable and is interchangeable with all of the PaperClip Bags
  • And last but not least can we just take a second to appreciate how they look! Being a Mum or Dad carrying a diaper bag never looked so stylish!


Honestly I am in love with PaperClip Bags so much that we started with the sexy Willow Limited Edition, then the Nikki shoulder tote and we just received our Jojo Backpack in the mail a few days ago! So needless to say they are an absolute must have in our family!

Go check them out now and purchase any bag where you will get 50% off stroller straps!

Speaking of being out and about, there have been many times where we just haven’t felt like taking the stroller out with us, sometimes because we just want to go for a quick grocery run or when I myself am traveling alone and don’t have the means to be pushing around a stroller.


So what do we do? We use our beloved ZarparBeBe wrap carrier.

Believe me when I say that this wrap has saved my life on numerous occasions and I use it just as much as my stroller now. Why?

  • I love feeling as if my son is snug on my chest and so with ZarparBeBe it gives you that close feeling that you want with your baby when out and about
  • Provides optimum support and security for your baby, but it is also extremely lightweight and can be followed down to virtually nothing for easy transport
  • There is various positions that you can change your wrap to be according to your babies size and according to your comfort
  • The material is also soft, breathable and made with 100% linen to keep you and your bub staying cool on those hot days

I love the way it looks on me and the fact that I can use it from Newborn until well into Toddlerhood is just awesome.

Go check out their products they are an Australian made brand and seriously deserve some love.

Speaking of Australian made, this next one was literally the first thing that my son came into contact with the day we were discharged from the hospital and needless to say he spends most of his time in it.

I’m talking about the amazing BubNest!

This one has been my saviour since day one up until now and I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. My little one doesn’t spend all day in our room as during the day we bring him out to the living room to play so we use our portable bed to do just that!

  • the nest is made from certified organic materials to ensure a clean environment free of nasty chemicals and toxins
  • the size of your nest can be adjusted by pulling on the ropes at the bottom
  • Expecting twins? No worries! BubNest has you covered with a twin size nest to fit both your little treasures
  • You can also carry it anywhere as it’s extremely lightweight, so if you want to take your baby outside for a breath of fresh air you simply pick him up in the nest and walk outside!

My son truly feels so secure in his nest and the variety of patterns you can get are just adorable. I am already feeling sad knowing that soon my little one won’t fit and I will have to put my nest down to rest for good. 🙁

Check out their beautiful colours and prints here

Last but not least is ErgoPouch, they produce ergonomically designed swaddles, sleeping bags and more for your little one to have a dream worthy sleep.


I am adding ErgoPouch to my must haves because;

  • they’re made from breathable, natural fibres and are kind to my sons skin
  • their swaddles are the simplest thing to ensure my son is snug at night and can’t disturb himself from his sleep with his hands
  • they have a awesome transition function where you can release their arms fro the swaddle once they start rolling
  • of course, the colours and variety of designs that they come in are to die for


Not only do we have swaddles from them but we also have these adorable suits that I am just eagerly waiting for my son to fit into so I can share the shots with you.

We also purchased their Joey Trackable Comforter which is the coolest thing ever!

It is obviously a comforter for your little one, but they have added a child safe trackable device that can be paired with your phone so that your baby will never shed tears over a lost comforter again. Genius right?!

My son is absolutely in love with it and so are we! Check them out!

Anyways, that is all of my must have newborns items, there is obviously many other things that we used: stroller, car seat etc but I thought I would just focus on my top five!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!

Love Jessica Cairney.



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