The Benefits of the Front Facing Bookshelf.

The Benefits of the Front Facing Bookshelf.

Let’s take a second to talk about books. Such a simple thing right? We read them to our kids every night before bed, sometimes we set up some bookish play in the afternoon and try our best to commit to reading them every now and then.

But do you really know how important books are to us and especially our growing children? Let me read you this crazy statistic.

If you read your child 5 books a day for the first 5 years of their life, they will be exposed to 1.4 million more words than children who aren’t being read to!

How truly fascinating is that?!

Reading is so important for our children and below are some of the reason why:

  • strengthens relationships
  • promotes brain development
  • promotes imagination
  • provides free educational entertainment
  • improves literacy skills
  • develops language and emotions
  • improves concentration and the ability to focus
  • improves quality of sleep

Now we have always had a decent stash of books in our home but our problem was not that we didn’t have enough books, but that we didn’t have anywhere decent to store them.

I often found that my son would be reaching to grab one of his books from the tiny book shelf that we had placed on his chest drawers, and then would give up and move on to something else because it was too difficult to get the book that he wanted.

Once I found JoyKids Front Facing 5 Tier BookShelf I told my husband that this is what was missing in our home. And it truly is one of the best things that we have added to our home.

What we love about our JoyKids Bookshelf is that it:

  • holds so many books, up to 270!
  • shelves are different heights to accommodate a variety of books
  • slimline design perfect for smaller spaces
  • simple instructions for assembly
  • the shelves hold the books in place so they don’t fall forward
  • made with solid pinewood
  • aesthetically pleasing

By making sure that our books are front facing it allows the kids to be able to get excited by what they see and have more of an urge to read as opposed to asking for screen time or something less educational.

Image from @indie_and_ori
Image from @raisingourlittleones

We often like to place our more factual books on the top shelf as these are more used for bookish play setups and then our regular everyday reading books on the lower shelves so the kids can pull them out whenever they like.

My daughter is almost two so having her toddler books on the bottom shelves means that she can also have access to her books and not feel left out.

It is also important to do a book rotation every now and then so that your kids will be exposed to a variety of different books as opposed to the same ones all the time. Depending on what season it is or what we are learning about during that time I will rotate the books accordingly.

Image from @playinginstyle

This incredible book shelf also promotes independence as they have access to their book at any time and can feel in control of what they want to read and I love that they can put them back themselves too! No more running around the house picking up a million books!

Another thing that makes the Joykids Front Facing 5 Tier Bookshelf perfect for our home is the slim design as it fits perfectly in our space, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the amount of books! This bookshelf holds a whopping 150 -270 books!

This bookshelf is not just for storing books either! Think puzzles, animal figurines, silicone coloring mats and any other open ended toys you can think of!

Each shelf is a different height to accommodate all your different books so that no matter what books you have you can fit them in nicely.

If you are looking to add an aesthetically yet incredibly beneficial piece to your home or playroom, look no further than Joykids! You won’t regret it!

Head over to now to grab yours today!

Jess x

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